Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Magic Roundabout

I bet you all though I wasn't going to blog today... ha ha ha 

Well to be honest I nearly didn't, I've been working on a few things, but I can't really show you, as they are for different DT's   and they are not live as yet.... :(

But I have been working on a daft project, I almost feel to embarrassed to show you

Agh, go on them I'll show you, hee hee hee.....
I'm in a Facebook Group, and we have a fun challenge every night, whoever wins picks the theme for the next night, and the theme for tonight is
The Magic Roundabout..
Well!! you can imagine, that had me stumped,  lol.... hhhmmmmmm now, what could I do, Fear not, My CD's came to the rescue .......
I bought this CD ages ago, and on;ly ever used it once, and that was juts to try it lol..... But it saved me tonight ha ha ha ......
The finished ( well rushed to finish ) piece is Terrible, I would nt normally show it off, but Hey what the hell..
I know it's a mess, but it was for fun, and I just wanted to make something, when I have a bit more time, I might make it properly lol....Well here goes ha ha ha

It's meant to have horses on, but as you can see, I put the magic roundabout on it lol.....

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog ... your all very kind xx


  1. LOL this is fab Shelagh! loving the colours :)

    Linda xxx

  2. Too funny love it huggles hun xxx

  3. This is fabulous. Caroline xxx

  4. What a fabulous project Sheelagh, well done you, I would have been stumped for life, although I have a real life Brian from the Magic Roundabout, LOL xxxx

  5. How clever is this? Fabby xx

  6. you are a clever bunny, its fabulous and so clever, the colours are just right, love it and it made me smile and rememeber when i use to watch it xxx

  7. This is fabulous - how clever!