Monday, 23 July 2012

Good Afternoon,
I'm having a change today,
I thought I would go with Pink lettering lol
Only because I'd like to share my Baby Card
with you all...

Mr She ( Hubby dearest ) came home from work last week,
with a request from his Manager...
Could I make a Baby Card her , her daughter had just had a baby Girl..
So after getting some ideas, and the details,
off I went to my Haven...
The details were, simple, name , date of birth, weight..
Then came the ....
could you make it like a book, a few pages ( no problem)
with a few verses, (again no problem)...
and Then... Loads of Bling and Glitter...
I Dont do Glitter... lol....
The card took me all of yesterday to make,
I hate Glitter..... the printer ran out of ink, :(
I hate Glitter,only had 2 verses printed off...
I hate Glitter, now what to do........
Did I say that I hated
so the Card that was going to have 3 layers
 only has 2 layers, and I still hate Glitter...
Box made for the Card,
Mr She took it into work this morning,
Now I await the verdict...

( Not enough Glitter)
Thats because as you all know by now...
I Hate Glitter..

So, Now for the Card,
It's quite plain really , so no doubt
I'll be told today,
yep you've guessed.... lol...
N E G..... (hate the stuff) lol...

What do you think??

Sorry the pic's are not very good,
they were taken at  1 am... lol

Any comments are really appreciated x


  1. Such a beautifully designed card, I love all the detailing


  2. oh that is so pretty and a fab idea

  3. Fabulous card - she'll love it!

  4. This is gorgeous and I am sure your hubby's manager is going to love it as will their daughter. Beautifully Done!

  5. Wow this is just

  6. This is a beautiful card and I'm sure they will just love it
    x catherine

  7. What a lovely card :-) all the detail gone into the outside and the inside. The people who receive this will be over the moon.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments, I really appreciate it.
    Love Lisa xxxx