Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Toys

Evening everyone, 

I've not blogged for ages, my mojo for paper crafting has gone on it's holls I think lol...

My son was going to send  my baby Granddaughters first size clothes off to someone to make them into a teddy, as a keepsake,  well!!!!!!! I could nt believe my ears, and very nicely told him I would make one for her... 
I would nt mind, but he was always complaining about pins been dropped on the floor, when he was younger, his second home was a local fabric shop hee hee hee, so  you can imagine my surprise when he told me, he was sending a stranger his daughters clothes, so she could make a teddy lol...... 

I enjoyed  sewing again, and have been making small teddies, and have just finished my first rocking horse..
I used  an off cut for the rocking horse, just to see what it was like.....

What do you think????

The Teddy is for the baby, and the rag doll is for her big sister..

Rocking horse and small teddies 

Thanks for popping by xx


  1. These are fabulous - I love that rocking horse!

  2. Well done you they are all FAB,love the rocking horse. Chris xx

  3. These are so gorgeous She, love them
    Lindsay xx

  4. WOW Shelagh these are stunning, I love the rocking horse and the gorgeous teddy and rag doll. I can't sew to save my life so I am totally jealous of anyone who can.

    Linda xxx

  5. Fabulous toy making, love the rocking horse.

    Sylv xx

  6. these you have beautiful made Shelagh.

    greetings karin